East Sepik Province


About East Sepik


  1. Ambunti-Dreikikir
  2. Angoram
  3. Maprik
  4. Wewak
  5. Wosera-Gawi
  6. Yangoru-Saussia


  • Wewak
  • Government

  • Governor - Hon. Allan Bird
  • Acting Provincial Administrator - Dr. Clement Malau
  • A/Provincial Treasurer - Martin Mateos
  • Site Advisors

    ID Photo Position & Name Contact Details
    John Sam Provincial & District Support Advisor

    John Sam

    • Office: Provincial Treasury Office
    • Address: PO Box 1296, Kreer Heights, East Sepik
    • Ph: (+675) n/a
    • Fax: (+675) n/a
    • Mobile: (+675) 72024120
    • Email: john_sam@finance.gov.pg

    Area Total

  • 43,426 km2 (16,767 sq mi)
  • Population Total

  • 450,530 (2011 census)
  • East Sepik Province Wewak, the provincial capital, is located on the coast of East Sepik. There are a scattering of islands off shore, and coastal ranges dominate the landscape just inland of the coast. The remainder of the province's geography is dominated by the Sepik River, which is one of the largest rivers in the world in terms of water flow and is known for flooding—the river's level can alter by as much as five metres in the course of the year as it rises and falls. The southern areas of the province are taken up by the Hunstein Range and other mountain ranges which form the central cordillera and feed the Sepik River.

    Districts and LLGs

    Each province in Papua New Guinea has one or more districts, and each district has one or more Local Level Government (LLG) areas. For census purposes, the LLG areas are subdivided into wards and those into census units.

    District District Capital LLG Name
    Ambunti-Dreikikir District Ambunti
  • Ambunti Rural
  • Tunap-Hunstein Range Rural
  • Gawanga Rural
  • Dreikikir Rural
  • Angoram District Angoram
  • Angoram-Middle Sepik Rural
  • Keram Rural
  • Karawari Rural
  • Marienberg-Lower Sepik Rural
  • Yuat Rural
  • Maprik District Maprik
  • Albiges Mamblep Rural
  • Bumbuita Muhiang Rural
  • Maprik Wora Rural
  • Yamil Tamaui Rural
  • Wewak District Wewak
  • Boikin Dagua Rural
  • Turubu Rural
  • Wewak Islands Rural
  • Wewak Rural
  • Wewak Urban
  • Wosera-Gawi District Wosera
  • Burui-Kunai Rural
  • Gawi Rural
  • North Wosera Rural
  • South Wosera Rural
  • Yangoru-Saussia District Yangoru
  • East Yangoru Rural
  • Numbo Rural
  • Sausso Rural
  • West Yangoru Rural