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PCaB is a UNDP, Australian Aid and GoPNG funded project. Now in its interim Phase (Enhancement), PCaB is supporting the Financial Management Improvement Programme (FMIP) in Provinces, Districts and LLGs, through capacity building & enhancement initiative.

PCaB is a nationally operated UNDP project. It has evolved over the years, starting with International Advisors, who provided on-the-job training and technical assistance in the areas of Financial Management and Information Technology. Over the period these roles have been taken over by PNG National Advisors.

PCaB is currently providing support to six Provinces and has just recently taken on board four additional provinces with a Provincial & District Support Advisor assigned to in each of these provinces.

Other components of the project are ICT (Basic ICT Training & Technical Support), Public Expenditure & Financial Accountability (PEFA) and IFMS Support.


PCaB is a specific financial capacity building programme that operates within a broader collection of sub-national capacity support programmes.
PCaB is a catalyzer agent that inter-links several programmes at the provincial and district levels. PCaB has on site provincial and district level advisers. They provide on-the-job training, mentoring and coaching in a daily operational basis to the provincial and district treasury officers.

The primary role of PCaB advisers is to improve the capacity of Department of Finance staff in the submission of financial reports. Timely and accurate submission of financial reports have positive consequences as it results in immediate release of public funds which allows for further service provision in the provinces, districts and LLGs.

The advisers provide a follow up of all financial management training efforts developed not only by the project, but also from other interventions under the Financial Training Brach (FTB) and the Provincial and Local-level Government Programme (PLGP).

The PCaB programme implements its activities in six pilot provinces, namely: Western, Central, Milne Bay, Morobe, Eastern Highlands and East New Britain.

In addition to these provinces, four new provinces have been added in the Enhancement programme phase. They include Autonomous Region of Bouganville, Gulf, Sandaun (West Sepik) and Western Highlands. The site advisors have built a framework for future implementation of financial management programmes in other provinces and districts, not covered by the programme.

The PCaB E programme is funded by Government of PNG, Australian Aid and the UNDP.


The Provincial Capacity Building & Enhancement Programme (PCaB E) is part of Phase II and the interim part of the new upcoming Phase III that still provides continuous support to the Government of PNG Financial Management Improvement Programme (FMIP) by developing capacity around Public Financial Management at the sub-national level and assisting with the implementation of the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS).

The PCaB is a joint effort of the Department of Finance (DoF), UNDP and Australian Aid initiative. It focuses on capacity building in sub-national treasury functions. It builds on the developments of previous PCaB Phase II initiative, from the FMIP as well as from other sub-national capacity building efforts.


Provincial Capacity Building & Enhancement Programme (PCaB E) through Phase II, focuses on provincial and district financial management issues in the context of efforts to improve service delivery and enhance the effectiveness of public service programmes. The proposed goal of PCaB E is to continue strengthening sub-national financial management capacities in a sustainable manner.

To meet this overall goal, the five primary objectives of PCaB E are:

1. Enhance accountability and transparency within the PNG public finances;

2. Improving financial management capacity at sub-national levels;

3. Minimize risk of corruption;

4. Establish Public Expenditure & Financial Management framework (PEFA);

5. Support efforts for the roll-out of the IFMS in the provinces.

The project implementation is guided by the PCaB Steering Committee, chaired by the Deputy Secretary Operations of the DoF. Other members consistof a UNDP representative, a Australian Aid representative, a representative of the Department of Provincial and Local Level Government and other selected government Departments and Civil Society Organizations.

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