PCaB Support in the rollout of IFMS at the sub national

    The Program has been tasked by the DoF to support the rollout of IFMS at the sub national starting in 2018 and to continue on to in 2019 & 2020. The rollout program is in two phases, meaning that the first phase is to rollout IFMS to the Provincial Finance Offices (PFOs) and District Finance Offices (DFOs) including national agencies who have bank accounts (227) in the sub national must be rolled out first. They include agencies such as Education, Health and Police etc which will be rolled out in 2018. So far as of October, Phase one has being completed meaning all 20 PFOs and 89 DFOs have being completed/configured for their 227 accounts.

    The second phase will come into implementation in 2019 where IFMS will be rolling out to the Provincial and Local Level Government (LLG) bank accounts, DDAs and PHAs. With the exception of ENB, Central and Oro Province, awareness and discussions have already commenced on Phase two with the relevant stakeholders such as the Provincial & District Administrators, CEOs of DDA & PHA. And LLG Managers.

    The strategy is to allow for DoF staff who are working at the sub national in PFOs & DFOs with the on-going support of the PCaB site Advisors to build capacity in IFMS and infrastructure to effectively support the rollout of IFMS into these respective bank accounts belonging to PGs and the LLGs including DDAs and PHAs

    With these perception or expectation from the DoF/IFMS Program Management, our site Advisors roles have being clearly defined to support the Provincial & District Finance Managers (PFM/DFM) or PDFMD to effectively rollout IFMS to the provinces and districts (sub national) by providing pre, during and post implementation support. Some of these pre-implementation support include obtaining relevant data such as signatures from relevant officers/stakeholders through completion of various bank forms, during implementation, site Advisors have participated in the classroom trainings with the other stakeholders and continued on to support the rollout of the business process with the IFMS Technical Team.

    As soon as the business process is completed and the IFMS Techincal leaves, the site Advisors are expected to commence providing on-going post implementation support to the stakeholders. This is currently taking place in ENBP, Central, Morobe and New Ireland Province and will continue to the other provinces as well for PFOs & DFOs and into 2019 for the Provincial Governments and LLGs bank accounts.

    The Program has commenced compiling IFMS Bank Reconciliations for the Drawing Accounts (227) in three supported provinces. They are Enga, Simbu and East Sepik Province with positive results for the first time dispite some initial issues related to connectivity and system related. These activity has continued into WHP, Jiwaka and New Ireland Province

The PEFA road Map 2015- 2018

The PEFA Road Map has prioritised actions for reforms over the next three years from 2015 â€" 2018. The immediate key priority actions are now under implementation.

Obtain further details from www.finance.gov.pg or contact the PEFA Secretariat office on (675) 32 8 8 406 or (675) 32 8 8 605.