Selected Provinces


Provincial Capacity Building & Enhancement Programme (PCaB E) through Phase II, focuses on provincial and district financial management issues in the context of efforts to improve service delivery and enhance the effectiveness of public service programmes. The proposed goal of PCaB E is to continue strengthening sub-national financial management capacities in a sustainable manner.

To meet this overall goal, the five primary objectives of PCaB E are:

1. Enhance accountability and transparency within the PNG public finances;

2. Improving financial management capacity at sub-national levels;

3. Minimize risk of corruption;

4. Establish Public Expenditure & Financial Management framework (PEFA);

5. Support efforts for the roll-out of the IFMS in the provinces.

The project implementation is guided by the PCaB Steering Committee, chaired by the Deputy Secretary Operations of the DoF. Other members consistof a UNDP representative, a Australian Aid representative, a representative of the Department of Provincial and Local Level Government and other selected government Departments and Civil Society Organizations.