Morobe Province

About Morebe


  • Bulolo District
  • Finschaffen District
  • Huon District
  • Kabwum District
  • Lae District
  • Markham District
  • Menyamya District
  • Nawae District
  • Tewai-Siassi District




  • Governor -Hon. Ginsou Sounu
  • Provincial Administrator - Mr. Bart Impabongz
  • Provincial Treasurer - Mr. Uriah Soten
Area Total

  • 13,320.5 sq mi (34,500 km2)

  • Population Total

  • 539,725

  • Density

  • 40.5/sq mi (15.6/km2)

  • Site Advisor

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    Provincial & District Support Advisor

    Mr. Francis Gumembi
    • Office: Provincial Treasury Office
    • Address: PO BOX 2345, Lae, Morobe Province
    • Ph: (+675) 7202 4103
    • Fax: n/a
    • Mobile:(+675) 7202 4103
    • Email:
    Morobe Province (previously named Adolfhafen in German New Guinea) is a province on the northern coast of Papua New Guinea. The provincial capital, and largest city, is Lae. The province covers 34,500 km², including 719 km² maritime area, with a population of 539,725 (2000 census). It includes the Huon Peninsula, the Markham River, and delta, and coastal territories along the Huon Gulf. The province has nine administrative districts, and 171 languages are spoken, including Kâte and Yabim. English and Pidgin English are common languages in the urban areas, and in some areas forms of Pidgin German are mixed with the native language.

    Districts and LLGs

    Each province in Papua New Guinea has one or more districts, and each district has one or more Local Level Government (LLG) areas. For census purposes, the LLG areas are subdivided into wards and those into census units.

    District District Capital LLG Name
    Bulolo Districtt Bulolo
    • Mumeng Rural
    • Waria Rural
    • Watut Rural
    • Wau Bulolo Urban
    • Wau Rural
    • Buang Rural
    Finschaffen District Gagidu
    • Hube Rural
    • Kotte Rural
    • Finschafen Rural
    • Yabim-Mape Rural
    • Burum-Kuat Rural
    • Morobe Rural
    Huon District Salamaua
    • Salamaua Rural
    • Wampar rural
    • Deyamos Rural
    • Komba (Seko) rural
    Kabwum District Kabwum
    • Yus Rural
    • Selepet Rural
    Lae District Lae
    • Ahi Rural
    • Lae Urban
    Markham District Kaiapit
    • Onga-Wafa Rural
    • Umi-Atzero Rural
    • Wantoat-Leron Rural
    • Kapao Rural
    • Nanima Kariba
    Menyamya District Menyamya
    • Kome Rural
    • Wapi Rural
    • Labuta Rural
    Nawae District Boana
    • Nabak Rural
    • Wain-Erap Rural>
    Tewai-Siassi District Wasu
    • Sialum Rural
    • Siassi Rural
    • Wasu Rural